1930’s Bra and Tap Pants #2023

2023 bra and tap pants
$9.50 black
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This is a full sized, print-at-home reproduction of an incredibly rare 1930's Ladies' Brassiere and Tap Pants.

This charming little set can be sewn in 2 versions. Version 1 is an uplift bra that fastens at the center back, Version 2 is a bra for evening wear with a cross-over strap fastened at the front. The panties may be made with or without lace and a full-sized motif pattern is included for applique.

Size 14 - 20
32 - 38" bust
27" - 32" waist

Difficulty level: Intermediate

The instructions are in English.

2023 size chart

We have been professionally reproducing vintage patterns since 2008 and are very proud to offer very high quality, historically accurate reproductions.

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