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DRAFT AT HOME pattern FAQ page.

1920’s Dress Pattern E-book FAQ Page.

The many different types of patterns available at MrsDepew.com.

Q. What kinds of patterns does Mrs. Depew Vintage sell?

For a detailed explanation of the types of pattern we sell, click here.

Both digital pattern formats on our website are PDF files (simply a file type). The Print-at-home patterns are printed on your home printer on normal paper and then taped together to form a full sized pattern.
(See an example here.)

The Draft-at-home patterns use a system of small patterns and rulers that scale the pattern up to your individual measurements. (See more here.)

In addition to many great vintage inspired and reproduction patterns, Mrs. Depew Vintage also has hundreds of original vintage sewing patterns for sale from all eras here.

Q. Do you have any photographs of your patterns sewn, rather than illustrated?

For sewn versions of our patterns, check out the Mrs. Depew Vintage Project Gallery on Pinterest. You can also join the Mrs. Depew Vintage Sew and Tell Group on Facebook!

Q. I don’t have a printer at home but I really want some of your patterns. Can you help?

 If we don’t have a pattern listed as available in print, we are happy to have your choice of pattern printed for you, just email us with your request and we’ll quote you a price.

Q. What should I do when I print my pattern?

All Mrs. Depew Vintage patterns are designed to print on both A4 and U.S. letter sized pages. To ensure accurate sizing, make sure that your printer settings are set to scale the pages to 100%.

Please be sure to read the printing and assembly pdf that we included with your download.

Q. How do I print my multisite pattern with the layers option?
Here is everything you need to know about printing one of our new layered multi-size patterns.

Q. What size should I choose when looking at your print-at-home patterns?

Our print-at-home patterns are most often based on the original vintage sizing system used during the decade in which they originated. Each pattern description will include the available sizes and corresponding Bust, Waist or Hip measurement in inches. Always choose your size based on your measurement in inches, not by size number.

For example, you might be a modern size 8 with the following measurements: 36” bust, 30” waist. This is closer to a vintage size 18. The number is larger in the vintage size because it is based on a very old system based on the wearer’s age, rather than size!

When choosing a bra pattern, keep in mind that our patterns come from an era before cup sizes were measured. To choose a bra pattern, use your full over bust measurement in inches (this is the fullest point of your bust, not under the breasts where a bra band would sit.)

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