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underwear and lingerie
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If you're interested in learning to sew your own lingerie, you should try "Underwear and Lingerie", a comprehensive vintage lingerie sewing manual. You'll find everything you need to know about sewing all types of lingerie.

This is an incredibly hard to find pair of books that give each and every detail on how to sew every type of lingerie that was available in the 1920's through 1940's.


The book is 102 pages of photographs, lovely drawings, instruction and embellishment lessons for sewing beautiful, delicate and serviceable lingerie.
Part 1:
Advantages of Making Underwear
Panties, bloomers and shorts.

Part 2:
Costume Slips
Negliges and Bathrobes
Bed Jackets
Hand work and lingerie trimming.
The tutorials available under each of these sections include:
lace applique, sewing a placket, scalloped hems, elastic waist, yoke facing, ribbon facings, bra back closures, bindings, straps, fabric choices, etc.

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What customers are saying about this E-book:

Absolutely wonderful sewing manual for lingerie and would recommend for any sewer interested in making lingerie that looks like authentic vintage. I found it easy to follow and the detailing is what really makes it so valuable. It is a real bargain too - you get two parts and it covers just about everything.- a hefty little volume . Anyone interested in making lingerie should have it!

Love it! This book is a goldmine of sewing information! Thanks!

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