Pattern Dating Help from the 1920's- 1930's.

dating vintage sewing patterns

If you're trying to find the date of a particular sewing pattern in your collection, the 1920's and 1930's can be the most difficult to research. 

Fashion Service Magazine published during these two decades used new pattern designs for the time in each issue and often had a handy index in the back with pattern names. With this in mind, I have created this page where you can find these indexes to see if your pattern is listed. The page will grow as I slowly digitize my vast collection of these hard to find magazines.

If you're interested in reading Fashion Service Magazine just for fun, I have several digital versions right here on Mrs. Depew Vintage. Just click here!

Click on the images to see a full sized image or click on the link hove to be taken to the E-magazine itself.

Fashion Service, Spring, 1925.

Spring 1925

Fashion Service - Summer, 1925:

Summer, 1925.

Fashion Service Autumn, 1926:

Autumn 1926

Fashion Service Spring, 1927:

Spring, 1927

Fashion Service December, 1927:

December 1927.

Fashion Service Magazine, January, 1928:

january, 1928

Fashion Service Magazine - February, 1928.

February 1928

Fashion Service April, 1928:

April, 1928

Fashion Service Magazine, March, 1928:

march, 1928 patterns

Fashion Service June, 1929:

June 1929

Fashion Service Magazine -  December, 1930.

December, 1930

Fashion Service September, 1931:

September, 1931

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