Nouveauté French Fashion Magazine June 1935

nouveauté june 1935
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This is a digital reproduction of a wonderful and rare 36 page illustrated French fashion magazine, Nouveauté (Novelty) from June, 1935.
These booklets are incredibly rare and this one was just shouting "Preserve me!".

The magazine features high quality 300 dpi color and black and white pages that have been digitally cleaned and enhanced.

Articles (all in French) include:
Travel costumes,
Haute Couture - including clothing by Heim and Bruyère-,
A skirt and vest knitting pattern,
The French 1930's version of a Dear Abby column,
Housedress fashions,
An embroidery motif for baby things,
A gorgeous knitting pattern for a Ladies' bathing suit,
Features on poetry, lace, and music,
and so much more!

This booklet is wonderful for anyone who is interested in sewing, fashion history, French, or all of the above!

If you don't speak French, this magazine is still mostly pictures and illustrations and will awe you with its 1930's eye candy!


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