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Vintage Woman's Institute Sewing Book 1920s Miscellaneous Garments E-book -INSTANT DOWNLOAD- Historical clothing for Brides, Bathing Suits, Mourning, Men, Boys and more from MrsDepew.com.

This edition of Miscellaneous Garments by Mary Brooks Picken from 1917-1921 has been digitally restored to its original glory. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more examples from this book).

The 62-page set is a collection of detailed dressing etiquettes, criteria, fabric suggestions, and sewing instructions to make the different kinds of clothing mentioned in the contents. It has also been updated to include fashion and sewing pattern illustrations from 1923-1930s original sources.

These lessons are specifically geared at detail-oriented QUALITY sewing techniques and tailoring elements. Of especial interest in this book are the detailed requirements for a brides trousseau, the type of gown/ details she should have for different kinds of weddings, details on mourning periods and dress of the time, bathing suit etiquette and laws, and proper dress for men and boys for many occasions.

Year: printed from 1917-1921 by the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences but applicable to making clothing of ANY decade, including modern designs.

The book features beautiful illustrations, photos, detailed diagrams, and photographed instructions. We put a great deal of time into digitally restoring every single page so that you can have the highest quality to print and read. This is not simply scans, it is a professionally finished e-book.


Introduction by Anna Depew

General Discussion

Garments for Women and Girls - The Trousseau

Guide to Correct Dress for the Bride, Graduation Dresses

Outing Suits, Woman’s Bathing Suit, Girl’s Bathing Suit

Bathing Caps, The Riding Habit, Fancy Dress Costumes

Clothes for Traveling, Pullman Robe, Gymnasium Suits

Mourning Clothes, Periods of Mourning, Mourning Garments and Accessories, Crape,

Clothes for the Mature Woman

Garments for Men and Boys

Men’s Shirts, Shirt Materials, Constructing a Negligée Shirt

Making a Work Shirt, Men’s Pajamas, Santa Clause Costume

Men’s House Coats, Lounging Robe or Bathrobe,

Blouses for Boys, Pants for Boys, Knickerbockers with a Band, Smocks for Boys.

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Each page of this e-book has been scanned in high quality 300 dpi and then digitally cleaned and restored for better viewing.

Please note that there are no actual sewing patterns in this book. However, detailed instructions and measurements are given for easily making the bathing cap pictured.

Printing a PDF is easy. Just open, hit print, and make sure that your printer scale is set to 100% (this should be the default setting in most cases).

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