Millinery Coursework Books by the Woman’s Institute

In 1916 the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences published coursework lesson books for both Dressmaking and Millinery. Updated versions were printed until the mid-to-late 1920s.

These were sold as complete lesson sets with everything included to help one master the subject.

Below are the millinery  lesson plan books that we have available as e-books. These were intended to be used together in consecutive order but can be used separately to make different hat models. They are listed in the original order following the lesson plan system.

Some of the later books like Developing Hats of Yardage and Developing Transparent Hats will rely on information covered in Sold Foundations and Skeleton Foundations in order to make the hats featured.

Publishing dates on the books below will vary from 1915-1927 but the coursebooks changed very little or not at all between publishing and all will work together no matter their date.

Click on the image below to be taken to the page for each e-book.

Skeleton Foundations 102A:

Woman's Institute template

Solid Foundations 103A &103B:

Solid Foundations 1 2

Braid Hats 104:

braid-hats-104-image med

Drafting Hat patterns 106-2

1920s Drafting Hat Patterns E-book (1926) millinery and sewing how-to from

Developing Hats of Yardage 107-2:

developing-hats-of-yardage med-2

Millinery Facings 108:

millinery facings

Fancy & Draped Crowns 109:

fancy draped crowns

Developing Transparent Hats 109-2:

Developing Transparent Hats Millinery Pattern Book

Mourning Millinery 111:

1920s and Edwardian Mourning Millinery Hat-Making E-book from

Flowers & Feathers 115


Glossary of Millinery Terms 117:

Glossary of Millinery Terms 1920’s E-book by the Woman's Institute and

Individuality in Millinery 119:

Individuality in Millinery 1920’s Hat Making E-book from

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