Fashions for the Home Dressmaker Spring 1924

fashions for the home dressmaker spring 1924
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This is a digital, print at home ebook of an amazingly beautiful sewing book from 1924, "Fashions for the Home Dressmaker". It was printed by the C.W. Hall Dry Goods Co for their fabric and pattern-buying customers in cooperation with Marshall Field and company (fabric weavers/ manufacturers).

The booklet is 28 flawlessly illustrated pages and includes the following articles:

Scraps of Wisdom Collected from Successful Dressmakers,

Fate's Shears, Skillfully Guided, Have Patterned a Happy Destiny,

Spring Modes are in Harmony with Springtime Moods,

Fashion's Favorite Fabrics for Spring and Summer,

The Romance of Lace,

New Fabrics, Patterns, Trimmings and Notions Now on Display,

Flyaway Frocks and Playsuits Have only Two Seams,

Simplicity, Adaptability, Charm and Style in a Frock Easily Made at Home,

The Song of Whirring Spindles and Rhythmical Drumming of Looms,

Laces and Trimmings of Good Taste for the Home Dressmaker,

Good Tools Simplify Your Springtime Sewing,

Budgeting is Quite the Thing,

If Lincoln returned Today,

And more...

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