Fashion Dos and Don’ts for Hats,  Hair-dos, & Makeup

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This is a digital, print at home e-book of the very rare booklet Fashion Dos and Don'ts for Hats, Hair-dos & Makeup. The book was written by Colette, and internationally known stylist, dress designer and fashion authority in the 1940s.

The 49-page book covers every scenario of from the neck-up dress and tells which design aspects of hairstyle, makeup and hats etc. are likely to flatter or deflate the appearance of ladies depending on skin tone, hair color, and face shape. The book is heavily and amusingly illustrated and the tips are timeless enough to apply to any generation!


Each page of this booklet has been digitally restored and updated by our in-house graphic designer (that would be Mrs. Depew) and is designed to print in high-quality, ink-saving black and white.


Printing a PDF is easy. Just open, hit print, and make sure that your printer scale is set to 100% (this should be the default setting in most cases).

Reproduction: Copyright Mrs. Depew Vintage LLC. 2019.

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