Fancy & Draped Crowns Millinery E-book

Fancy & Draped Crowns Millinery E-book 1920s haymaking tutorial from
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This beautiful book from 1923 has been digitally restored to its original glory. 

The book is a collection of millinery tutorials for draping hats and crowns from the era's experts at the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences Millinery Department.

Fancy & Draped Crowns Millinery E-book 1920s haymaking tutorial from

These highly-detailed lessons are specifically geared at making close-fitting hats with or without brims. You will need an understanding of wire and buckram frames to make a few of the hats pictured. Most of the others can be draped and gathered without any foundation.

Fancy & Draped Crowns Millinery E-book 1920s haymaking tutorial from

You can read more about the Millinery Coursework Lesson Books by the Woman’s Institute here.

Year: 1923.

The book features beautiful illustrations, photos, pattern diagrams and detailed, photographed instructions for making the hats mentioned below. 


Lace-Covered Crown

Plaited One-Piece Crown

Chenille Crown

Puffed Crown

Fancy Skeleton Crown

Two-Toned Velvet Crown

Draped Two-Tone Crown

Circular Crowns

Conch-Shell Crown

Butterfly Crown

Crown Made of Square

Circular Lining

Stright-Strip Lining

Bias-Strip Lining

Adjustable Hat Lining

Difficulty level: Advanced.

This is foundation knowledge that one needs to make advanced hats from 1910-1928.

Each page of this e-book has been scanned in high quality 300 dpi and then digitally cleaned and restored for better viewing.

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