Dressmaking Perfection in Details Woman’s Institute

dressmaking perfection in details
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This beautiful book from the 1920's has been digitally restored to its original glory. The book is 71 pages of dressmaking instruction from the era's experts at the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences Dressmaking Department.

These highly-detailed lessons are specifically geared at making dresses with nearly very kind of opening, collar and sleeve you would typically find from 1920's patterns to present!

Year: 1927.

The book features beautiful illustrations, photos, diagrams and detailed, photographed instructions of sewing details.

We highly recommend adding this book to your collection to help walk you through your next 1920's or 1930's sewing project. It's overall a very handy reference to have on hand for sewing from any decade!


Importance of Skill

Appropriate Seams - Kinds & Positions

Seams for Different Fabrics

Finishing Plain Seams

Construction Features - Need for Perfection

Darts and Gathers - Uses and Positions

Shoulder Fullness

Under-Arm Fullness

Hip or Waistline Fullness

Sleeves - Varieties

Kimono Sleeve

Drop-Shoulder Sleeve

Set-In Sleeve

Raglan Sleeve

Epaulet Sleeve

Necklines - Varieties of Finish

Collarless Necklines

Binding a Neckline

Facing a Neckline

Finishing Edge with Covered Cord

Necklines Finished with Collars

Convertible Collar

Facing a Front Opening

Applied Collars

Sleeve Finishes

Finishing Sleeves without Cuffs

Finishing Sleeves with Cuffs

Opening Finishes - Kinds of Openings

Finishes for Full-Length Openings

Finished for Partial Openings

Waistline Joinings

Each page of this e-book has been scanned in high quality 300 dpi and then digitally cleaned and restored for better viewing.


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