Corsets and Close-Fitting Patterns

Corsets and Close Fitting Patterns
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This is a digital copy of the 1915 book "Corsets and Close-Fitting Patterns". This is an incredibly hard to find book that gives great instruction for those interested in sewing, buying, wearing and caring for corsets.

~Please Note: The book does not contain actual 'printable" sewing patterns, only instructions and tutorials~

The book is 34 pages of photographs, drawings, instruction and suggestions for choosing the right corset, caring and laundering, and pattern drafting instruction.

Remarks on Corsets and Their Accessories
Corset Selection
Wear and Care of Corsets
Corset Accessories
Corset Waists
Drafting a Tight-Fitting Foundation Waist with a Two-Piece Back
Drafting a Tight-Fitting Waist with a Three-Piece Back
Drafting a Princesse Pattern
Practice in Drafting Tight-Fitting Patterns
Quick Guide to Drafting Close-Fitting Patterns
Close-Fitting Patterns for Figures Out of Proportion

Though the book does not contain any actual patterns, the second half of the book carefully details instructions for drafting what it refers to as "close-fitting" patterns. They are foundation patterns designed to conform to one's curves perfectly and thus form the perfect foundation pattern for a custom corset.

Each page of this e-book has been scanned in high quality 300 dpi and then digitally cleaned and restored for better viewing.


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