Pattern Drafting - Woman’s Institute (1916)

Pattern Drafting
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This is an e-book version of the 1916 booklet "Pattern Drafting" by the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences.
The booklet is one of dozens originally published as a mail order dressmaker's course. It includes illustrated instructions for measuring the female figure, drafting a pattern to paper, and how to do it all accurately and quickly. This booklet is designed for the beginner and even explains basic fractional measuring skills.

The booklet calls for the use of a Picken Square (a modified tailor's square with built in curves originally sold with the coursework) but a regular tailor's square will suffice.

A reproduction Picken Square is available here (we have one and we love it to pieces!)

This booklet is just what you need to make dress sloper patterns that will always fit perfectly!

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